.tel domain management

By applying telDC free software we can design an appropriate  directory of your organization with a irrelevant cost. telDC is a management system for .tel domains developed by us and this allows  to adapt it more easily and quickly to your needs.

telDC screenshot

telDC means. tel Directory Creator (creator of .tel directories). It is licensed under AGPLv3. It uses  Web 2.0 technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, AJAX (jQuery), PHP5, SQLite and SOAP and it’s translated into English and Spanish and soon in German.

telDC need an auxiliary domain hosted in the conventional way, from which you run the application that manages a Sqlite database.

In a geographical directory (http://engijon.tel), business or people  can be registered in the directory, update or delete your information, retrieve your password,…

From 900 € Request a budget!